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Unique Random Numbers
There are many things you can do to randomize content in your .asp document, however if you use one element repeatedly you run the risk of generating the same random value/content within a page. To avoid that you can make sure you random items (in this case numbers) are unique. The following example will generate five random numbers between one through five. After each random number is selected it is compared to the previous selections and if it was previously selected a new number is chosen. This is great for randomizing the order of content on a page.
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<title> Random Numbers)</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
' Determines how many unique random numbers to be produced

' Determines the highest value for any unique random number
dim random_number, counter, check, unique_numbers
' When passing a varible for an array use redim
redim random_number(tot_unique)
' begin random function
' Begin a for next loop from one to the max number of unique numbers
For counter = 1 to tot_unique
' select a number between 1 and the top number value
random_number(counter) = Int(Rnd * top_number)+1
' For next loop to compare the values stored in the array to
' the new random value being assigned
for check=1 to counter-1
if random_number(check)= random_number(counter) then
' If the current value is equal to a previous value
' subject
end if
next ' Repeat loop to check values
next ' Repeat loop to assign values to the array

<ol><% 'write out the unique numbers in a list for display
For counter = 1 to tot_unique
response.write "<li>" & random_number(counter) & "</li>"







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