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Select Case
Select Case allows for multiple decision paths providing you are checking for one possible condition.  While an if then statement can have virtually any combination of conditions within it (example: if (x=1) and ((y=2) or (z>50)) then proceed ) select case can only evaluate one element at time.  The following example will generate a random number from zero to six and depending upon that variable value display a message.
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<title> Case)</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
' select a random number between 0 and 6 
' start the select case routine by naming 
' the variable that you will be querying 
select case random_number
' if the random number equals 1 then
' the following text will be displayed
case "1"

One was chosen
' if 0 is chosen the following asp will execute
' this also demonstrates that the values do not need
' to go in ascending order
case "0" 
response.write "Zero was selected"
' if the random number is between two and four 
' the following text will display. Notice the comma
' sepration of the quoted value range
case "2", "4", "3" %>

A number between two and four was chosen
' if none of the other requirements were satisfied
' or if the random number value had been null
case else %>

Out of range or null
' terminate the select routine
end select %>




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