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  • The typical browser will display the mouse pointer over any blank part of a web page, the gloved hand over any item that is linked (click-able) and the edit cursor over any text or text field. Within CSS you can change those properties to have a variety of different cursors display on your page. The example below demonstrates fifteen different cursors most browsers will accept. Hover your mouse pointer over the descriptive text to reveal that cursor. The body of the page has also been set to display the help cursor by default.
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    <title>CodeAve.com/CSS - Cursor Types</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    body {cursor: help}
    /* The default cursor for anything within the body tags
    of the document will render the help cursor as opposed
    to the typical pointer When the mouse cursor is placed
    over any of the text below between style tags that respective
    cursor will be revealed */


    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
    Place the mouse cursor over any of the text below<br>
    to reveal a different cursor. The deafult cursor for<br>
    this page is the help cursor, set by the style command in the<br>
    header portion of the document<br><br>
    <span style="cursor: crosshair;">Crosshair Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: hand;">Hand Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: wait;">Wait/Hourglass Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: help;">Help Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: text;">Text/Edit Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: move;">Moveable Object Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: n-resize">Resize Up (North)</span>
    <span style="cursor: s-resize">Resize Down (South)</span>
    <span style="cursor: e-resize">Resize Right (East)</span>
    <span style="cursor: w-resize">Resize Left (West)</span>
    <span style="cursor: ne-resize">Resize Up + Right (North East)</span>
    <span style="cursor: nw-resize">Resize Up + Left (North West)</span>
    <span style="cursor: se-resize">Resize Down + Right (South East)</span>
    <span style="cursor: sw-resize">Resize Down + Left (South West)</span>
    <span style="cursor: auto">Auto Cursor</span>
    <span style="cursor: default">System Defalt Cursor</span>




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