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    Server Variables | Response Objects | Random Events | Miscellaneous

    Hit Counters
    ASP Hit Counter
    Daily Hit Counter
    ASP Session Counter
    Impression Counter
    Impression Counter (With a db)
    Hit Counter (With A DB)
    Hit Counter (With Images)
    Count Click Throughs

    Text File Display
    Directory Contents (Text)
    Directory Contents (With Images)
    View the Source of an .asp Document
    Link & Display Text Files
    Import CSV to HTML
    ASP Form Input to HTML

    Script Writers
    Vote/User Poll Script Writer 
    (With a db and IP Capture)

    Display Table Script Writer
    (DSNless connection)

    Insert Into Table Script Writer
    Delete From Table Script Writer
    (DSN Connection)
    Active Server Pages
    Disclaimer/Referring Page Check
    There are instances where you will want to verify that a user has clicked a link to get to certain content or that a disclaimer was viewed and "agreed to" by the user click. This example will check to see what the referring page to it was and it the refe(more)

    Create XML Documents from Access Output
    Active Server Pages allow for the easy ability to create dynamic views of your data on a web server, but you can also create "static" documents on the server. This can be particularly useful if you wish to distribute your information on CD or i(more)

    Create Excel from Form Input
    ASP form input can be transformed into most any type of format that you'd like to see it in. Typically, most form input either gets delivered to a database, like Access or SQL server or the output is sent to an email address or some other application. I(more)

    Date Last Modified ScriptWriter
    Many places on the web feature the date that the current document was last modified on.  Rather than changing the date manually, using a FrontPage WebBot, or targeting the document by writing it directly into the script,  let the server ask the docu(more)

    Database Search
    Search Database
    Search Within Search Results
    Search with Paged Output
    Search db by Field
    Search & Hyperlinks to Detail
    Search Many Sites

    Random Events
    ASP Eight Ball
    Random Hyperlinked Images
    Random Colors
    Random Number
    Random Letter
    Five Random Letters

    Email Checker
    Output To MSExcel
    Character Table
    ASP Form Mail (CDONTS)
    ASP Form Mail (JMail)
    ASP Form Mail (Bamboo)
    Rating Scale
    <%' Comments %>
    Comma Delimited Values

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