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Transitions are a great way to add a unique and dynamic look to your website.  Providing the user is utilizing Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.  The addition of a meta tag similar to this one <meta http-equiv="page-enter" content (more)

Some <!-- Comments --> on <%' Comments %>
When writing active server pages there are two places that comments can be placed.
The first is within <!-- -->. All of the text will be passed to the client, but only made visible when the user views the source of the document. This is (more)

Some Words on Naming Conventions
When you're developing applications there are two real dangers in poor naming conventions.

Firstly, you may hit on a reserved term. Take where for example. If you were to write a query that looked something like this 
sql = "select (more)

Setting Up A System DSN in Win95/98/NT
Setting Up A System DSN in Win95/98/NT (more)

To DSN or not to DSN?
When you connect to a db you have a choice of how the .asp will connect to your Access or SQL server data. You can either establish a system DSN, or a DSN-less connection. (File DSN connections are also possible, but much less desirable than system DSN's (more)

Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page
Wonder how some websites are able to place shortcut images inside the address bar, the Favorite menu or as an icon on your desktop? Well, Internet Explorer 5 allows for the placement of an image in the address bar.  This is an excellent way to dist (more)


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