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Unique Random Numbers
There are many things you can do to randomize content in your .asp document, however if you use one element repeatedly you run the risk of generating the same random value/content within a page. To avoid that you can make sure you random items (in this c (more)

Unique Random Letters
Some computers systems require that each letter in a password be unique. If you want to give that kind of look or would just prefer that all initial passwords that you issue new users to your site be unique then this is the script for you. A simple for (more)

Random Db Observation
Most random content scripts involve the loading of arrays to call the one that you want to output. As the number of items you want to display randomly increases so may your need to serve them from a database rather than from large amounts of manually upd (more)

Reading Random Text
Reading text from an outside source is easily accomplished with an include statement similar to this <!--#include file=""-->.  If you wanted to dynamically include text you would like to be able to do something similar to t (more)

Random Colors
Add a little bit of variety to the look of your website by randomly changing the colors of the page background, table cell backgrounds and/or hyperlinks. A random variable, a select case statement and response.write placed inside any color command enable (more)

ASP Eight Ball
A website dedicated to web programming would not be complete without it's own version of the Magic 8 Ball.  At least that's our feeling.  Actually, this humble 8 ball script demonstrates three things.  A random number, a dim statement an (more)

Random Hyperlinked Images
Hyperlinking random images is an quick and easy way to make a page look unique from others in the same template and enables you to highlight specific places within your website (or others) you want to drive traffic to. The following example contains link (more)

Random Images
Random images are great for making a page look unique from others in the same template. This script will call an .asp page from inside an image tag in .html. A random number between one and ten is chosen and the resultant image is the image contained in (more)

Five Random Letters
Many places on the web that invite users to register at their site never are certain who registered an e-mail address. To help ensure that the owner of the e-mail address is the actual one entering data into their site often an automatic e-mail is sent (more)

Random Letter
Producing a random letter is almost as easy to accomplish as producing a random number.  When producing a random letter the first question you need to answer is do you want a random upper or lower case letter.  The example below will produce (more)

Random Number
The ability to produce a random number is an incredibly useful tool.  The following example will produce a random number between 1 and 9.  The limits are set by the numeric value placed after the asterisk  int(rnd*9< (more)


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