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Reading Random Text
Reading text from an outside source is easily accomplished with an include statement similar to this <!--#include file=""-->.  If you wanted to dynamically include text you would like to be able to do something similar to this <!--#include file="file" & random_number &".inc"-->.  The only problem is since include statements are resolved before just about anything else you'll get an error trying to dynamically write the name of the file you're attempting to include.  You can write a select case statement or an if then statement to resolve this, but understanding that the server will be resolving many includes to display the contents of one is kind of wasteful.  Providing that you're only passing code for the client to interpret (HTML, JavaScript, etc) you can dynamically include text into your asp document.  The following example will randomly select a number between one and five, read the contents of a .htm file and write it out to the browser.  The file that is being included does not have to be .htm just text based. The .htm extension was chosen on the off chance anyone may hit the page directly, so it would display rather than download. Refresh the output page for a more complete demonstration.
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<title> Random Text)</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

Beginning of area for dynamic text include
' Select a random number from one to five

' Assign the variable page_to_read with
' the file being requested 
' (incorporating the random number into the file name
page_to_read="text"& random_number &".htm"

' Open the document to be read
set fso = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
set act = fso.opentextfile(server.mappath(page_to_read))

'read all the text on the document
read_text = act.readall 

' Close the document

' Write out the contents of the document
' to the browser
response.write read_text

End of area for dynamic text include




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