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AOL Instant Messenger Links
America Online’s Instant Messenger (version 4.7 build 2480 and better) can accept URL-encoded input and display it within a new instant messenger window. This works very much the same way that you can pass variables for the to, cc, subject and body of an email message. The only potential drawbacks are that it will not work with any other messenger product, nor does it appear to work within the AOL application to open an Instant Message window and instant messenger must be running when the user clicks the link. Utilizing a couple of server variables (host, script_name and querystring) you can link every page on your site to be sent via AOL Instant Messenger. Below are a couple of examples that will place links as text (since Instant Messenger will convert it into a link anyway) and additional text and links into AOL IMr in a number of ways.
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<title> Instant Messenger Link)</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

' variable to get the name of the server, it could be or
' variable to get the location of the current 
' asp document from the top level directory

' variable to get any varibles being passed to the current document

' variable that contains the full URL of the current document 
' including any quersting values you may be passing
document_url="http://" & server_name & script_name & "?" & query_string

' variable that contains the full URL of the current document 
' encoded to be passed to AOL Instant messenger

Text Link to the current document as text
Click <a href=aim:goim?message=<%= aol_link %> >here</a>

Text Link to the current document as text with message
Click <a href=aim:goim?message=Check+out+this+link+<%= aol_link %> >here</a>

Link to Current Page with an additional text message in IM window
response.write "Click <a href=aim:goim?message="&server.urlencode("Click <a href="""& document_url &""">here</a> to go to a page from") & ">here</a>"

List of encoded characters needed

%3ca = <
+ = (a blank space)
%22 = "
%3e = >
%2f = /

Basic Link Convention
<a href=aim:goim?message=%3ca+href=%22>Linked Text</a>




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