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SQL: Sum,Average,Max,Min,Count,Detail
There are a great many statistics that you can perform on your data with simple sql. Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count can be derived nearly as easy as showing the complete detail of your data.  The following example utilizes our db (trade date, closing price and daily volume) of  EPOS ( stock trading performance.  Each of the statistics are available in a dropdown menu and the sql that is used on the daily volume is displayed.
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' Check to see if the user inputted a value for the stat to be shown
' If it's null skip the query to the db and just show the imput form
if u_title<>"" then
select case u_title
' All of the sql available from the dropdown menu is listed here
case "Average"
sql = "select avg(volume) as vol from epos"
case "Min"
sql = "select min(volume) as vol from epos;"
case "Max"
sql = "select max(volume) as vol from epos;"
case "Sum"
sql = "select sum(volume) as vol from epos;"
case "Count"
sql = "select count(volume) as vol from epos;"
case "Detail"
sql = "select volume as vol from epos;"
end select

cn="DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};"
cn=cn & "DBQ=" & server.mappath(accessdb)
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs.Open sql, cn

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<title><%= sql %></title> 
<table border="0" align="center" width="100%">
<tr><td align="center">
<p><%= sql %></p> 
<table border="5" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" align="center">
Volume<br>(<%= u_title %>)
do while not rs.eof

<%= formatnumber(rs("vol"),0) %>

end if

<form action="<%= request.servervariables("script_name") %>"
if u_title = "" then %>

<table align="center"><tr><td>Please make a selection<br>
<% end if %>

<select name="u_title" size="1">
<% if u_title <> "" then %>
<option selected value="<%= u_title %>"><%= u_title %></option>
<% end if %>
<option value="Average">Average</option>
<option value="Max">Max</option>
<option value="Min">Min</option>
<option value="Sum">Sum</option>
<option value="Count">Count</option>
<option value="Detail">Detail</option>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">




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