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Some <!-- Comments --> on <%' Comments %>
When writing active server pages there are two places that comments can be placed.
The first is within <!-- -->. All of the text will be passed to the client, but only made visible when the user views the source of the document. This is problematic is you do not want users to know what's going on, but helpful when debugging .html output. Knowing that all of the text is going to be processed as output to the client browser any comments placed inside <!-- --> should be as brief as possible. Over 99% of the time no one is going to look at the source of a document anyway and if you're paying for a fixed amount of download per month to you're web hosting company these few kilobytes of text add up after a period of time and you're the one who pays for it in the end.

The second place that comments can be placed is within <%' %>. This will ensure that your users will not see any code, but it has some undesirable effects. Whenever the server opens an asp and sees <% %> it will attempt to execute the code contained inside. The problem is that you're firing up the asp engine and then telling it get ready to execute something (<% ) and then telling it to ignore (') the following text. Too many comments could cloud your .asp performance. The benefit it that anything place in between <% %> will not be written as output unless you instruct it to, so no one on the client side can see your comments. 

Comment in html
<!-- This is an example of a comment in .html. All of the text will be written to the browser, but only viewable to a user when the source of the document is viewed --> 

' This is an example of a comment in .asp. No text will be written to the
' browser, and only viewable to a developer when the source document is
' viewed, but all text is passed through the asp engine


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