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Vote/User Poll (Hyperlink Input, DB and Cookie)
"Ballot Stuffing" in any Vote/User Poll can be thwarted in many number of ways.  One of the most popular methods is by writing a cookie (a small text file) to the users computer.  Users can prevent this, but most browser come set up to be pretty tolerant of cookies. Also, users can delete cookies and resubmit a vote from a new browser session, but most users can't be bothered to remove files to spoil survey results (unless their really persistent).  The following example will display four hyperlinked choices to a question on the users first visit (and any subsequent visit until they vote).  Once the user votes a cookie is written to the users PC with the name of the poll, their vote and and expiration date of seven days and an Access db tracks the input and tracks the results.
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'Defines the name of the poll being taken
'Assigns the varible accessdb to the name of the access the conatins the poll results
cn="driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};"
cn=cn & "dbq=" & server.mappath(accessdb)
set rs = server.createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
taken= (request.cookies (poll_name)("u_choice"))
'Assigns a variable to see if the user has entered this poll previously
select case u_choice
'Check to see in the user entered a valid choice
case "1","2","3","4" 
if taken = "" then
'Write the name of the poll and the latest choice to the cookie
response.cookies (poll_name)("u_choice") = u_choice
'Make the cookie expire in seven days
response.cookies (poll_name).expires = DATE + 7
'Add one to the count of the users choice
sql = "insert into poll (choice" & u_choice &") "
sql = sql & "values ("& 1 &")"
rs.Open sql, cn
'Flag to indicate that a vote was entered 
end if

<% case else
'Ignore bad request from user input in the address bar
end select

<title> Poll)</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
A Question with four possible choices...<br>
'Check to see if the user voeted previously or on the current iteration
if (taken <> "") or (just_voted= "Yes") then
'Grab all of the poll results from the db
sql= "select distinctrow sum(choice1) as sum_choice1, " 
sql= sql & "sum(choice2) AS sum_choice2, sum(choice3) AS sum_choice3, "
sql= sql & "sum(choice4) AS sum_choice4, count(*) AS total_votes "
sql= sql & "from poll;"
rs.Open sql, cn
total1=rs ("sum_choice1")
total2=rs ("sum_choice2")
total3=rs ("sum_choice3")
total4=rs ("sum_choice4")
count=rs ("total_votes")

Choice 1: <%= formatnumber((total1/count)*100,1) %>% &nbsp;
Choice 2: <%= formatnumber((total2/count)*100,1) %>% &nbsp;
Choice 3: <%= formatnumber((total3/count)*100,1) %>% &nbsp;
Choice 4: <%= formatnumber((total4/count)*100,1) %>% &nbsp;
Total Votes: <%= formatnumber(count,0,0) %><br>
'If this is the users first time here or if they have not
'voted on a previous visit display the question and hyperlinked choices

<a href="<% request.servervariables("script_name") %>?u_choice=1">Choice 1</a>
<a href="<% request.servervariables("script_name") %>?u_choice=2">Choice 2</a>
<a href="<% request.servervariables("script_name") %>?u_choice=3">Choice 3</a>
<a href="<% request.servervariables("script_name") %>?u_choice=4">Choice 4</a>
<% end if %>




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