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  • CSS ID selectors enable you to define style commands that can be utilized by many tags.  When defining an ID selector the # symbol is placed before any selector name (Not to be confused with contextual-selectors that begin with a period).  When the ID selector is used within a tag via class = the name of the selector variable only (no #).  The following example with define three ID selectors (red_text, blue_text, and bold_text) and using either <p>, <div>, or <span> tags will deliver the text with the respective defined style.
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    <title>CodeAve.com/CSS - ID Selector</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    /* All id selectors are defined with 
    a pound symbol (#) before their name */

    #red_text { color: #FF0000 }
    #blue_text { color: #0000FF }
    #bold_text { font-weight: bold }


    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
    <!-- CSS ides can be added to almost any HTML tag -->

    <div id="red_text">This is red text using &lt;div&gt; tag and the red_text id</div>

    <span id="blue_text">This is blue text using &lt;span&gt; tag and the blue_text id</span>

    <p id="bold_text">This is bold text using the &lt;p&gt; tag and the bold_text id</p>

    <!-- Span will not disturb the flow of your text and you can apply many styles to a sentence -->

    <span id="blue_text">Blue</span>, <span id="red_text">Red</span> and <span id="bold_text">Bold</span>


    <!-- CSS ides are an easy way to avoid repetitive font commands
    inside table rows or cells -->

    <table border="1" align="center">
    <td id="red_text">Red Text<br> from &lt;td&gt; tag</td>
    <td id="bold_text">Bold Text <br> from &lt;td&gt; tag</td>

    <td id="blue_text">Blue Text <br> from &lt;tr&gt; tag</td>
    <td>Plan Text</td>





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