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Background Sound
There are a number of ways to incorporate sound into your html documents. One of the most popular ways is by placing a sound file location inside of a bgsound command. When the html page is loaded the targeted sound will play when the page is displayed (and after the sound file has downloaded to the local PC). Background sounds should be used sparingly as most sound files are much larger than anything else you will typically place in you html documents and will significantly impact the performance of your pages.
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<title> Sound)</title>
<body bgcolor=

<bgsound src="jv.wav" loop="1">

<!-- the source for this file is .wav
other formats like .mid (midi) may also be used


loop="1" will play the sound file once
any other numeric will replay the sound for
the specified number of times
loop="infinite" will pay the sound over and over

Note: background sound is browser dependent -->


The sound clip is taken from
the Jimmie Vaughn song Just Like Putty
available on the album Strange Pleasure






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