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    CodeAve.com/JavaScript - Document Info

    Title Addition
    Any text between the < title > < /title > tags can be displayed easily within a document by simply writing something similar to this document.write( document.title ); However, there may be times where you want to add more information to the t (more)

    Pre-filled Mail Links
    Every page in your website should have some method by which people can send you feedback. A link to a page with a form for people to send info has it’s upsides as you can control the input fields and what kind of feedback you allow, but you can never be (more)

    Break Out of Frames
    Many sites on the web will attempt to place your documents inside of a frame page. While your page is being hit, navigation from the referring site may cloud your content. Ask.com is an example of a site that will direct you to another site, only to pla (more)

    Date/Time Formats
    Displaying the current date and time is a popular use for JavaScript, however getting them to display the way you would like it to can often times be confusing. The value for year can easily vary from browser to browser, either displaying the current yea (more)

    Current Page URL
    Just like the X on a map that marks “You Are Here” location.href will tell you the exact location of the current document in the browser. This can be particularly useful when building links that refer back to the current page and you’re not too sure what (more)

    Document Created/Modified Date
    Many times it is necessary to display when a document was created or when it was last modified. There are a number of ways that this can be done including hard-coding the date into the document upon each revision. To avoid all that repetitive typing you (more)

    Print Current Page
    Although JavaScript can't implicitly tell the browser to print the current page, it can open the print dialog box. This is the same action as clicking file and print from the toolbar or clicking the print button in the toolbar where the user will need to (more)

    Document Title
    In HTML the title of the document is written with title tags similar to this <title>Title of Page</title>. In order to repeat that page title within your document you may be forced to type or copy and paste it repeated times. JavaScript has (more)

    Referring Page
    The page that a person clicks on a link, or submits a form from, to get to the current (new page), is known as the referring page. With JavaScript the referring page is easy to call and display. When a person clicks on a link in an email (provided it’s (more)

    Current Date with Arrays
    Displaying the date and time in JavaScript is as easy as document.write(date());. However, that will return the date and time a format similar to this Sun Dec 17 02:36:01 2000. To display it in a convention other than that requires some basic info in th (more)


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