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    CodeAve.com - JavaScript - Misc

    CodeAve.com/JavaScript - Misc

    Random Text (IE)
    Rotating text ads, a random quote, or most anything can easily be done on the client and not use any scripting on the server side to give a "dynamic" look to your pages.  Actually, once you have random text you can insert most any html a (more)

    Move and Resize the Browser Window
    There may be occasions where you will want to implicitly instruct the browser how big is should appear and where on the desktop you want it to appear. The following examples contain a couple of functions that will resize and position the window on opening (more)

    Move the Browser Window
    There may be occasions where you will want to implicitly instruct the browser where on the desktop you want a window to appear. The following examples contain a couple of functions that will position the window on opening or when any one of the links cont (more)

    Full Screen
    JavaScript offers a lot of ways in which you can manipulate the size of the browser window, however it can not make the current browser window take control of the full screen.. However, it can make a new window completely fill the screen. In this exampl (more)

    Highlight Table Row
    Outside of the web, bookmarks were useful for many more things than just keeping a spot in a book. One thing you could use them for was to scan down lines of text to match up items across a page. Some rather large html tables have the failing that by th (more)

    Resize the Browser Window
    What is the size of the browser window that your page is being viewed at? You can control the initial size of a window and/or offer controls on to resize a window via a link. The following example will open initially with a width and height of 500 x 500 (more)

    Simple Pop-Under Window
    Pop-Under ads are everywhere, they're unavoidable  Once only seemingly used by x10.com the pop-under ad is a staple in the advertisement/attention getting realm of the web.  So, how is it done?&nbs (more)

    Save as Favorite/Homepage (IE)
    Save the people who use your site a few mouse clicks and encourage people to come back to your site. You can easily give Internet Explorer (4.0 or better) users the opportunity to make any page on your site a favorite or the default page that opens each (more)

    Random Image (IE)
    Random images aid in making a page look unique from others in the same template. The following example contains images of five of the most popular search engines and their logos. Each time the page is refreshed the script will select a random number from (more)

    Random Hyperlinked Images (IE)
    Hyperlinking random images is an quick and easy way to make a page look unique from others in the same template and enables you to highlight specific places within your website (or others) you want to drive traffic to. The following example contains links (more)

    Current Month Calendar
    The JavaScript calendar will display the current month and highlight the current date of the client computer. Since JavaScript draws all of its information from the client, the date reflected will be the client date not the date on your server. Paramete (more)

    Display All URL Variables
    Read all variables being passed by a form method=get or links where variables are written after the document extension. Regardless of the method employed, the result will be the same, a document with an address similar to document_name.html?a=1&b=2. By (more)

    Directory Drill Down
    Many websites have some form of hyperlink navigation as you drill down further into the site. Many times the scheme that the drilldown follows is the directory path of the site. If this is how our site is structured you may benefit from this example tha (more)

    JavaScript Comments
    Comments in JavaScript can be made for a single line or multiple lines, but regardless of how you pass your comments they are always passed to the client PC and interpreted by the client browser. When commenting itís best to be as brief as possible as yo (more)

    Random Array Display
    JavaScript provides you with a random number between zero and one which can be manipulated a number of ways to supply a desired range of numbers, mixed with arrays you can provide random content to your page. The following example loads nine values into (more)

    Random Numbers
    JavaScript provides for random numbers with the use of the rand function, which will yield a random number between zero and one. To change it into something you can use is simple, remembering a few simple rules. If you were looking to provide a range of (more)

    New Window (Within Previous Page)
    Most new windows that you open with JavaScript are just targets to documents that exist on the server. However, there are times when you may want to pass all that script with the original document. Instances where there is not a whole lot of scripting i (more)

    Special Characters
    There are many characters/symbols that you may want to display in the browser that simply are not on the keyboard such as ™, &169;, &174;, and ã. Fortunately, in HTML there is a way to reproduce these special characters without resorting to the (more)

    Status Bar Display
    The status bar (located at the bottom of the browser) usually displays what the browser is processing while the page is downloading. When a page is complete it should be blank and when you move your mouse over a hyperlink it will display the url of the h (more)

    Screen Dimensions (Pixel Setting)
    One of the many variables that will cause your web page (and just about every web page) in the world to appear inconsistently from client to client is the local screen resolution setting. While most people (or by default) have their screen resolution set (more)

    Source On Server
    Nearly all the JavaScript on CodeAve.com is demonstrated by placing the JavaScript within the HTML document, but it does not need to be. JavaScript can be sourced from anywhere on the web. Anything that you normally place inside a document can be kept s (more)


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