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  • ScriptWriters
    Slide-Show ScriptWriter
    New Window on Load/Unload ScriptWriter
    Image Click ScriptWriter
    Roll Over Images ScriptWriter
    Mouse Over Images ScriptWriter
    Text Validation ScriptWriter
    (Automatic) Pulldowns ScriptWriter

    History Length
    Close Window
    Navigation Links & Buttons
    New Window OnLoad
    New Window OnUnload

    Source On Server
    New Window (W/N Previous Page)
    Special Characters
    Screen Dimensions (Pixel Setting)
    Status Bar Display (Hyperlink)
    Status Bar Display (Default)
    Random Numbers
    Random Array Display


    Search Form Images
    If youíre utilizing a search form to a search engine for a web search or a search of just your site you can add flair to your form and save some space by setting a background image to the site that the search results come from. The following examples dem (more)

    JavaScript Redirect ScriptWriter
    If youíre relocating a page or moving your site from one url to another you will want to make it as easy as possible for your current users to find your stuff at itís new location. Utilizing location.replace you can refer people from one location to anoth (more)

    Passing Multiple Variables via Links
    Variables can be passed to JavaScript functions in a number of ways including hyperlinks. In order to pass multiple values from a link to a JavaScript function the link must be set to the function name and the variable values must be placed in parenthesis (more)

    Display/No Display Content
    Adding content to an existing page that can be viewed when clicked can add a dynamic look to an ordinarily plain looking page and can provide valuable navigation from within one page. The following examples demonstrate two simple ways to add content (more)

    More Recent additions
    JavaScript Image Display
    Image RollOver
    Image MouseOver
    Image Click
    Rollover Links

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    Search Many Sites from One Location
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