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Search Form Images
If youíre utilizing a search form to a search engine for a web search or a search of just your site you can add flair to your form and save some space by setting a background image to the site that the search results come from. The following examples dem (more)

JavaScript Redirect ScriptWriter
If youíre relocating a page or moving your site from one url to another you will want to make it as easy as possible for your current users to find your stuff at itís new location. Utilizing location.replace you can refer people from one location to anoth (more)

Passing Multiple Variables via Links
Variables can be passed to JavaScript functions in a number of ways including hyperlinks. In order to pass multiple values from a link to a JavaScript function the link must be set to the function name and the variable values must be placed in parenthesis (more)

Display/No Display Content
Adding content to an existing page that can be viewed when clicked can add a dynamic look to an ordinarily plain looking page and can provide valuable navigation from within one page. The following examples demonstrate two simple ways to add content (more)

Timed Redirect on Page Load
There are times when you will need to redirect the browser from one location to another. It could be because a page or a site has moved or you may just be refreshing the current page. There are a number of ways of redirecting on the client, but most can (more)

Alert Links
When you're directing a user to another site or another part of your site and you want to be certain that they understand they're leaving your site or going to a specific different part of yours. The JavaScript alert in conjunction with a plain hyperlink (more)

Random Text (IE)
Rotating text ads, a random quote, or most anything can easily be done on the client and not use any scripting on the server side to give a "dynamic" look to your pages.  Actually, once you have random text you can insert most any html a (more)

Move, Resize and Open a Window on Click.
This is a script youíve seen thousands of times and maybe clicked on a couple at best. Typically when you see a pop-under advertisement you kill the browser window. On the rare occasion that you click on the advertisement, probably mostly by mistake, yo (more)

EMail Address Link
Many viruses look inside your temporary internet files directory for email addresses embedded within cached versions of html output contained within that directory. So, if your email address is contained on a page and a user gets infected chances are you (more)


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