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  • Webmonkey | Reference: HTML Cheatsheet - HTML Tag Cheatsheet
  • ZDNet.com - ZDNet Coding HTML
  • Beginners' Guide to HTML - NCSA - Covers all aspects of HTML authoring from the beginning. Covers inserting tables and images, and includes troubleshooting tips.
  • Builder.com (HTML Tags) - Useful HTML Tags and Their Attributes
  • About: HTML - weekly articles, events, chats, and information on HTML and Web page creation.
  • Adam's advanced HTML Guide - HTML tutorials for advanced webmasters- frames, tables, CSS, DHTML, and more.
  • Amazing HTML - presents tutorials, graphics, page builders, and interactive areas.
  • ASCII Symbol Table - with HTML codes -
  • Broadcast Connections - Worldwide - Website designers and server for broadcast related vendors, employment, rules, and the Emergency Action System - Internet.
  • Cheap HTML parser in perl -
  • Color Picker - provides an interactive color palette for choosing the right shade.
  • Complete Free Guide To HTML, The -
  • Cuffaro.Com -
  • Dan's HTML Help Page -
  • FAQ - alt.html - knowledge base of answers from the newsgroup alt.html covering aspects of website creation that include design and authoring, web hosting, copyright, and usenet etiquette.
  • FlamingoLingo's HTML4 e-letter - weekly e-letter that discusses HTML 4, Dynamic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
  • Hayi Generator - Create your very own homepage by choosing fromthe many options available.
  • HTML 2 XML - HTML to XML converter that allows you to enter a URL or upload an HTML file for conversion to XML. Also offers pretty prints of the XML.
  • HTML Course - in Dutch.
  • HTML Help by the Web Design Group - HTML reference materials, FAQs, and style guides.
  • HTML in Russian - a guide to HTML in Russian. Code Cyrillic (Win1251).
  • HTML Language - list of references to pages on the HTML Language
  • HTML quick reference (ukans.edu) - Tips for beginners using HTML are accompanied by examples and explanations.
  • HTML Style Guide & Test Suite -
  • HTML Tags - complete index and cross-reference of HTML tags; part of an ongoing project to bring accurate, material to the Internet community.
  • HTML Workshop Page -
  • HTML-Dateien selbst erstellen - Das Kompendium fuer HTML-Entwickler. HTML-Dokumentation auf dem aktuellsten Stand, vieles davon erstmals in dt. Sprache. Downloadmoeglichkeit des Dokuments.
  • htmlscript - browser independent language, based on HTML, for creating "server safe" CGI applications.
  • HyperText Markup Language [W3C] - specifications for HTML and guidelines on how to use HTML to the best effect
  • IETF - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Working Group -
  • Index Dot HTML - the advanced HTML reference.
  • ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 characters in ampersand entities -
  • Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support -
  • Part of Mary Morris' book on HTML and Web - A book in progress about putting info on the Web. Link changes quite often.
  • Publishing on the Web - a comprehensive resource for publishing on the World Wide Web: tutorials, hints, reference, public software tools, and more.
  • Sizzling Jalfrezi - Learn by example: (just about) all the HTML elements and attributes, including extensions.
  • Tools for WWW providers -
  • Uniform Resource Locators -
  • URL and HTML Technical Information and Specifications -
  • Wacky HTML - the HTML your mother never told you about.
  • Webfrontier HTML Guide - informative guide and tutorial covering the basics.
  • Webmaster's University - dedicated to helping newbies in HTML programming.
  • Webmonkey - HTML tutorials, analyses of the latest browsers, shareware, and plug-ins.

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